IP Phone Systems

NST provides consultation and installation on phone systems for business and home use. We use the latest phone technology running on reliable computer systems. We work with multiple reliable vendors who have their infrastructure now all over the USA, West and East coast for service that has clear, quality calls and most importantly reliability.

Save Money with VoIP

Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling

Get unlimited outbound calling to any telephone number in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.

Sound Professional & Differentiate


This feature lets callers “Press 1 for Support” or “Press 2 for Sales”. Auto-Attendant is as easy to use as it is powerful. With simple clicks of the mouse you can manage call flow, build scheduled responses, forward calls off-site, and more.Customized Voice Prompts

This feature gives you the ability to upload highly professional pre-recorded voice prompts when simple recordings from your phone just won’t do.

Stay Connected

Advanced Call Forwarding

Enable automatic call forwarding to an internal extension or external number based on any number of rules. Rules include “Busy”, “On no answer”, “Unconditional”, and “On Internet Outage”.Voicemail & Voicemail-to-email

It comes with over 600 hours of voicemail storage, as well as all the advanced features you would expect from a premium phone system. One-touch from your office phone. Dial in remotely from any phone. Voicemail to email via .wav files. Online access via the web control panel.

Manage Online

Anywhere Web Management

Manage and administer your phone system anywhere you have Internet access. Make moves, additions, or changes quickly and easily with the intuitive web interface. Users can view call logs, voicemails, and manage personal configurations.Call/Employee Status

See the status of all employees when using a desktop presence management application. Have the ability to see who is on a call, the type of call, and the caller information.

Mobile Integration

Install the app on your mobile phone and you’ll take your extension to go. Now you can have access to your desk phone remotely and work from anywhere.