About Us

Welcome to our about page, we are an IT support firm servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Long Island. We are not the typical IT company here, we are really here to help out businesses. We know NYC is about small business, not huge franchises. So we have rates and services that meet your needs realistically. We’ve been in business proudly for over 10 years now. We will tell you exactly what you need to get the job you need done and avoid unnecessary subscriptions or services that you won’t take advantage of.

Our customers have a lot of trust and loyalty to us and we have had our customers stay with us from the first day we did business. We also service almost every type of business here in NYC, we have architects, environmental, construction, engineers, electricians, plumbers, law practices, doctors, dentists, mechanics, fire alarm and building safety systems companies, hotels and the list goes on.

An example of how we treat our customers: ISPI Integrated Systems and Power called us to help them in an emergency they had. They do building safety systems and one of their fire alarm panels went down in a customers location. Their technicians were having an issue reloading software from an old version of Windows that was not supported anymore. They contacted several IT companies to assist and they all denied ISPI because they can only provide service on products that are under warranty and also have active support by Microsoft. So when they reached out to NST we helped out and restored their panel to full operation and created a backup for instant recovery, they have been our customer ever since.

This is what we mean by us being here to help out businesses here in NYC. We don’t give restrictions to our customers and are truly here to help. We are also very confident in our work that we do not charge anything if you call us under an emergency and we cannot figure out the issue, so feel confident in us to help you, we can even tell you up front how much we’ll charge, absolutely no hidden fee tactics. We offer on demand calls, also maintenance agreements for every day help desk calls and can get a remote screen sharing session up in seconds. Call us for a free network evaluation that checks to see if things are setup correctly or to even have a free consultation on where you want to be with your business technology wise. 347-688-6781